Michael Jackson; Still the Ultimate Dance-Pop King


Michael Jackson, born in August 29, 1958 was a popular American singer. He was also a songwriter, dancer, record producer, and an actor. Known as the one King of Pop, he made exceptional contributions to music & dance or rather dance-pop, Who can beat his dance moves, who can be as original as him? His personal life was so publicized too and that was probably what globalized his figure even further until his death.

Professional Life

micheal_jackson1He stood as the 8th child among his siblings and the Jacksons family, being a very talented family of singers, had young Michael make his debut performance in the year 1964. And because he began his professional career as part of Jackson 5 (along with four elder brothers; Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie), he started a solo career soon enough in 1971.

And by the early 1980s, he had become a prominent figure; his music was very much part of popular music. It was in fact his unconventionally novel and thrilling music videos like those of ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It’ that made a breaking record; breaking down even racial barriers. Every time I buy some bluetooth speakers I play “Thiller’ for sound quality check. Another extraordinary feat is that his videos’ popularity in fact popularized MTV when it was still at a relatively young. And other videos like ‘Scream’ and ‘Black or White’ forged his touring career which simultaneously innovated MTV’s reputation as a medium along with his own.

Well, of course, we know how he did all the popularizing quite effortlessly or seemingly so. It was his popular dance moves which has gained him tremendous prominence worldwide. There was a kind of mania for his sophisticated dance moves and techniques like the moonwalk and the robot that he developed, named and popularized. His fans swarmed in huge crowds when he gave live performances; the excitement over his unique style was so immense, that he managed to influence numerous other artists too.

His Ultimate Success


Jackson’s artistry showed in his distinct style and sound; his bestselling albums like Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) are all time big sellers worldwide. He is known as one those artists who had exceptional vision in his art; his vision of course always had to be primary in all his works produced. And ain’t they all amazingly good? He is one of the few outstanding artists who were inducted into the Hall of fame for rock and roll twice. The reason being that he was one of those exceptional dance-pop artists who made multiple achievements in the international front winning a huge score of awards including Grammies, Guinness World record titles and American awards for decades.

Recognized as one of the most awarded artists in popular music’s history, Michael Jackson also happens to have a record setting popularity of having a top single in the Hot 100 chart for 5 different decades. Jackson also was honored for his humanitarianism and recognized for supporting thirty nine charities, much more than other celebrities.

Controversial Aspects

Michael Jackson’s personal life attracted a lot of attention owing to his change in appearance and other personal relationships which also generated a considerable amount of controversy. It was in the mid 90s that saw him through a lot of depression for he was charged with a number of accusations regarding child sexual abuse. The allegations were further acquitted in 2005, which however had to end because he was not found guilty on all accounts. A couple of years later, while he was preparing for a comeback concert, ‘This is it’, he passed away due to a cardiac arrest. The singer’s death triggered a mass outpouring of sorrowful emotions all over the world. He did leave a legacy that no one could beat. After all there cannot be another MJ; everyone is unique and original in their own way. It’s funny though, the world that showered him with titles including ‘Artist of the Century’, was also the world that accused with all the false allegations.

Music and Cooking – What’s the Connection?

We Don’t Like to Cook in Silence


How do you like to cook? Many of us don’t like to cook in silence. We rather enjoy some music, listen to news, or even a lecture and set our mood while cooking. We do have some folks who would rather cook their food in silence, but that is not me.

When I was in a hostel during my college days, my roommates and I have a collection of music just for cooking. We find a special connection in cooking and music. Cooking is no different from other task that demands attention and creativity for your meal to be yummy. Music comes into play for setting the mood right and inspired.

Music is not just inspiring while cooking but it can be exhilarating when you eat too. It is not strange to play good music with popular restaurants to set your mood, especially romantic mood. Some people would describe a good date as to good music, food and chat. Good foods and music is the opposite to forcing ourselves with junk foods in a hurry that is unhealthy and compromising.

Artistic people are into tattoo and music, heavy metal. Many Chefs are into listening heavy metal while cooking which otherwise can be stressful and repetitive, killing creativity and interest. They sync metal guitarist to their super fast knife cutting skills. Owners have no problem with their kitchen staffs listening to heavy metal so long as they serve the complimenting dishes.

People are now so much into paring food and music. Technology has gone to the extent of suggesting drinks based on your music you’re listening to. This is possible with Drinkify website. Tell the site your music you’re listening to and it suggest you a matching drink. It might not always be a perfect match, nevertheless this is cool.

Okay, not all of us may play music every time we eat but most of us would definitely play music when we eat outdoor. In fact, the very idea of eating outdoor is boring without music.

Tell us how you connect music and food.

Music Related Instruments And Gadgets Of The Day

Musical instruments and gadgets give you the pleasure of listening to music. The present market offers ample of choice and preferences for every individual to select what is best.

There are numerous lists of instruments and gadgets available. However, I have shortlisted one of each as an example.

The Electric Guitar 

Electric guitar is a family of string instruments that produces wonderful music. Unlike the acoustic guitars, electric guitars are amplified to produce effective sound of music in various tones and pitches. Electric guitars are usually incorporated with pickups and it cannot be played without connecting to an amplifier.


There are various brands and models that manufacture excellent electric guitars. Among them, Fender is one of the top leading and most trusted brands that have produced highly reliable and fashionable electric guitars that have captured the attention and interest of the musicians across the globe.

Fender’s Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Some of the attractive features about this guitar are worth mentioning:

Fender electric guitar is made of an alder material with urethane finish, the neck design is V- shaped, and the shape of the guitar body is stratocaster.

This guitar is completely packed with three effective vintage pickups with the synchronized tremolo. It comes with an active mid boost (25db) and TBX circuits.

It has altogether 22 frets and there is an excellent controls for various functions which are identified as the master volume, the TBX tone, the mid boost kit and the master active mid boost.

This guitar was named after Eric Clapton, one of the well known artists.

The Eric Clapton Stratocaster guitar has a maple fingerboard and it’s available in different colors such as black, red, white, and pewter.

The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Lovers of music across the world are fond of buying musical gadgets such as the portable Bluetooth speakers, for listening to their favorite collections of songs and albums.

The market is flooded with varieties of wireless Bluetooth speakers available in different size, shape, color and features. However, one of the best model which is worth checking is.

The Altec Lansing Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker Model No. iMW575 



Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker is tough and rugged in design. It is protected against dust, sand and its shock proof, snow proof and waterproof as well.  Moreover, it floats. It has an IP rating of 67 which is why it’s safe and protected from any weather conditions. So, you are free to use anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

The best part of this Bluetooth speaker is, the sound quality and it’s compatible with the latest operating systems like that of an Android, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, tablet and Smartphone.

With Altec Lansing’s Life Jacket speaker, you will enjoy continuous music for about sixteen hours. The Lithium ion rechargeable battery will hardly take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge when the battery is down.

Follow this link inorder to read more details about mini bluetooth speaker.

Music has no boundaries and limits, it will continue to attract and touch people’s life. Therefore, music is universal. It goes beyond genres, culture and language.

Musical instruments and gadgets are becoming more hi-tech with the advancement of the recent technologies. Year after year, you will see new models of instruments and gadgets in the market.

Musicians and music lovers around the world are never behind in upgrading and investing on gadgets and instruments inorder to fulfill their passion for music and meet their hearts desire.

Top Five String Musical Instruments

String Instruments, as the name suggest, are mostly composed of different sets of strings that vibrate and produce amazing sound of music when it’s plucked or stroked with your hand or with the support of a bow or plectrum.

Musical tone or pitch of the instrument will greatly depend on the type of song or music you are intending to play. For example, classical music and modern music or for that matter the rock music will be different from one another though you may use the same instrument while making music.

The power of music is limitless and undeniable. The contribution of each instrument can never be taken for granted. Every musical instrument is unique and their roles are highly valuable and important.


Top 5 Stringed Instruments that Produces Different Sounds of Music

There are various instruments that are included in the family of string instrument. The ones listed below are some to the top stringed instruments that are frequently used in different parts of the country and across the world.


A guitar is one of the most popular and frequently used musical instruments in concert or any musical events. The guitar comprises of mostly six strings, though there are lesser strings in bass guitar. It is constructed from wood with steel or nylon strings attached to it.

There are mainly two kinds of guitars. The Acoustic guitar, which is also known as Hollow guitar and the Electric guitar.

Guitars are usually played by plucking or strumming the strings with your hand or using plectrum. If you wish to enjoy louder sound of music from your guitar, you can plug it in to an electrical amplifier or attach pick-up or use a headphone, and it will produce richer, higher, and louder sound. If not, you can perfectly play acoustically without the support of an amplifier.


The violin, also known as a Fiddle, is a string instrument that consists of four strings and a bow. When it’s perfectly tuned it produces wonderful piece of music in the hand of the violinist.

The violinist or the fiddler plays beautiful music by exerting pressure on the bow and pulling and pushing the bow over the strings, which is called bowing, or plucking the strings with the fingers. There are various techniques of playing a violin.


The harp is another type of string instrument. It’s a multi string musical instrument positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard in order to produce lovely music.Harps are designed with neck and resonator, along with the attached strings.

There are basically two kinds of harps: the Open harp and the Frame harp. The Frame harp has a pillar whereas the Open harp comes without a pillar.

You can comfortably play the harp with the support of your lap or with the help of the stand depending on the size of the harp.


The gusle is a single stringed musical instrument that produces harmonic and unique sound of music. Traditionally, gusle are most frequently used in the region of Dinarides, i.e. in the southeastern part of Europe.

This instrument is often accompanied by singing musical folklore or lengthy narrative poems concerning some heroic deeds and events significant to a group of people, culture or nation.

If you wanted to play the gusle, you need to hold the instrument vertically between your knees, with your left hand fingers on the strings.


The cello consists of four strings tuned in perfect fifths. This instrument is a member of the violin musical family that includes instruments like – Viola, Double Bass, and Violin.

These instruments are also known as the bowed string instruments because you need a bow to play these instruments.

You can use the cello for performing solo music, while at the same time it will easily accompany with other string instruments in performing orchestras and music ensembles.

The cello is one of the largest bowed string instruments. It will perfectly catch up with other instruments in performing orchestras and musical concerts.

Modern musical instruments may vary in design, shape and function. However, it is quite interesting to know that these instruments are used together to perform concerts and orchestras without any distortion of sound or harmony. In the hands of a skilled musician, every instrument plays a very important role in the overall performance and success of the event.

Opera Culture Exclusives & the Artistic Glory that it Holds

Opera is a dramatic art form which is typically created for theater setting. It incorporates all the artistic elements of theater such as singing, acting, dancing as well as costume and scenery. Opera performances are also accompanied by a musical ensemble, usually an orchestra. Now emerging as one of the most reaching musical accompaniments, it was through such associations with opera that orchestras also made a grand head start in musical arts.

Tracing the Brief History of Opera
Opera as it is obvious originated in Italy. It is an initial attempt for the revival of Greek classical Drama. Over the years, opera has however undergone significant changes. It is part of classical music tradition which began in Italy around the sixteenth century. The art soon spread to the rest of the continent and in fact, helped establish the national traditions of Europe’s nationalities in the 17th century. The most renowned form of opera is basically the Italian form of course.
It was in the 19th century that opera saw the advent of the Grand Opera. Also known as the golden age of opera, its popularity continued as such in the 20th century and spread further to Eastern Europe. The new century saw the development of atonality in opera and with the rise of modern recording technology, opera had farther reaching ability. Opera’s could now be performed and broadcast on television or Radio.
Moving along with technology, modern opera also witnessed the use of acoustic enhancement or modern electronic gadgets in the sound system which usually came to be used in most of the opera halls or houses. They also came to be equipped with radio microphones and also loudspeakers. Traditionally, actors needed vocal power to be able to act in opera. But with the new technological revolution, actors need not be vocally big.
Replenished Glory of Opera
The emergence of opera companies helped it to boom in modern times. It even extended to the field of cinema. Local performances also acquired audience through internet too. The scope for expanding opera was increasing immensely as the interest in fostering lost cultures as well as reviving dying traditions was on the rise too. One of the reasons why opera is enjoying a more promising future is that there was an increasing awareness and at the same time people were developing a keen interest in literature. Most of the Shakespeare plays, we may notice, have been performed in opera. You would probably find a good many of these opera performances on YouTube. If such is your line of interest too, go seek them out, there are a remarkable pieces you would love.
Prominent operas currently have a great appeal because of the amazing musical drama element in the performance. And that is why great opera singers and orchestras as well as wardrobe and stage designers are big assets, primary assets in fact. Some exclusive opera houses sign up with the potential operas that can put up the best opera performances. Operas are one of those expensive entertainment forms highly regarded and running well, especially among the intellectuals just like it did great among the elite sections. Operas are one of those art forms which portray history or recreate history in a realistic, or rather, in the most illustrious manner. Therefore the Opera culture, if it be declining, must be fostered with fervor for it cannot be devalued in fact.
If you think in terms of art and culture, we have to admit that opera stands primary. A well cultivated intellectual is sure to acknowledge the power and significance of opera in his studies and perception. Even someone with moderate interest would probably be captivated by the artistry of opera performances and in fact end up an arduous researcher. If you happen to be interested, you will understand that you need the see and feel factor of historical or cultural events. So, in any case, there are perhaps some opera performances you would better not miss out. Like I mentioned, YouTube is a good source. Look out for the essential ones relevant to your line of interest.

Yamaha PSR-S750 with i-MXI MIDI, Voices and Style Extension

YPSRS750P-yamaha-keyboardYamaha’s PSR-750 with 61 keys is an amazing keyboard loaded with features for an authentic sound you will hardly get in others of this price range. As a leading musical instruments manufacturer of the world, Yamaha never compromises with the quality of sound. The acoustic engineers of Yamaha always wanted to entertain the world of music with the best sound. If you also want to check out for Yamaha guitars, Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar is a good entry-level guitar for beginners.

What is Yamaha PSR S750 Keyboard Capable of?

You can experiment and create your own choice of genre. With its features like the Voices and Style Expansion, you can record your own music in any style you like. You will have the potential to expand more of your music with this feature. This instrument can play an important role while performing music orchestra.

You will have incredibly realistic sound playing this keyboard because Yamaha is a renowned maker of musical instruments. The acoustic engineers have expertise in choosing the best quality of materials for different kinds of instruments and so you will get the best quality of sound in Yamaha’s PSR-S750.

In situations like when you don’t have the guitarist and the drummer, you can auto-play by setting the desired program on the LCD and you will be surprised to know that you get a realistic sound of a guitar and drum with Mega Voice feature. Using this feature, you can be all— the drummer, the guitarist and the vocalist as well. You can add the effects like the slides of your finger, the falling of brass and even add vocal effects to your song.

The i-MXI MIDI feature of this keyboard is compatible to connect with your iphones and ipads. You can control this with Yamaha’s apps like the Scale Tuner, Piano Faders and XY Pad to give a wide array of dimensions to experience new music with this feature.

The WAV files of this keyboard support most files for auto playback as well as recording and so you can have World Class music recording as if it is recorded in a studio. All you have to do is simply connect the microphone or your guitar or your music headphone to the keyboard and start singing. When it is done, you can do auto playback and listen to what you have just sung and if you are satisfied, you can straightaway burn it in a CD or share online instantly.

This PSR keyboard has a built-in flashROM of 64GB, which enables you to choose a wide range of musical style of your choice.

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Dimension: 114.1cm X 51.4cm X24.6cm
  • Number of keys: 61
  • Size of the screen: 5.5 inch

Why You Should Buy PSR 750 Keyboard

It is a solid little piece of machine, which is reliable in terms of quality sound and better workmanship of the product. You will not find better sound than this keyboard in this price range. If you are a professional, you should not waste more time to buy this because it has good value for money, it’s Yamaha after all, and it will not let you down.

Orchestra Bands You Probably didn’t Know were So Fabulous

Let’s talk about Orchestras. Literally, it appears to have originated from Greek culture. Imagine ancient bards and druids, don’t we? Classical music certainly have spirited tunes which overwhelmingly connects a long line of culture through the train of classical knowledge acquired. Orchestras create one of the best musical compositions of all time. So if you get the feel of the symphony, we are here especially for you to be the orchestral cables that bring you information about popular orchestra artists and bands.

For someone whose line of interest is serious music or even if one is acquainted with opera performances, Orchestras are a familiar genre. But for a few of us, this popular genre may pass us by without our notice, for it specializes in background music; making the other parts of the composition wholesome. Well, let’s keep getting more acquainted with orchestra. Here is a list of exclusive and great brands that maybe you can check out on. Some may strike a chord in your familiar mind.

London Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1904, LSO is perhaps one of the most well known orchestras in the world. Their extensive involvement with the classical rock bands, and in original films like Harry Potter, The Queen, Star Wars and Braveheart are some of those which significantly brought them exposure to a wider audience. If you happen to be interested in finding out more on the orchestra, you should, their compositions are very impressive.


Berlin Philharmonic

Since its founding in 1882, the orchestra has done so exceptionally well that they have already won quite a number of wide acclaimed awards like the Gramophone Awards, Grammys, and the BRIT Awards. Rest assured, their music has always been well refined and overwhelming which I have always enjoyed on my speakers, amplified absolutely!

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

Ever since 1888, the orchestra has been holding strong in classical music for over a century; 120 years to be exact. Even if nothing else, the uniqueness of their music could keep them holding high for decades to come. In other words they have made their niche in classical music; setting certain standards which are now as crucial as miles stones. You should probably check out how sublime they sound with true stereo effect on Bluetooth speakers.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Ranking at Number 5 among leading orchestras of the Unites States of America, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, aka one of US’s BIG 5, is highly regarded for its excellent Brass section of their ensemble. The conductors of the orchestra, like very few others, are well renowned.

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Started in 1949, the orchestra is relatively young and they are currently one of the most emphatic radio orchestras; obviously very technical. The Bavarian Radio Symphony I can assure you is well set to make its mark through the various endeavors that they have already made.

Budapest Festival Orchestra

Budapest Festival orchestra is also one those young orchestra who won the world with their music so early that it became one of the world’s leading orchestras. It started off just a few decades back in 1983. From the first time I checked on their music, it struck me an influential orchestra which invigorates the culture and musical life of Hungary. Classic!


Besides these leading orchestras, others who have also made their way up the ladder and become renowned are Philadelphia Orchestra, Cleveland orchestra, LA orchestra etc. Moreover if you happen to have already come across list of exclusive metal orchestras, the list is mind-blowing.

Whether an instrumental ensemble as large as that of a symphony or a slightly smaller scale like chamber orchestras, it was in the 18th century that orchestras grew by accretion and by their association with opera performances. Orchestras are making a more prominent emergence in the current realm of musicals. Moving along with innovation, refined musical instruments have enhanced the musical experience that the orchestral genre creates. And thanks to modern modifications, more and more creative pieces have developed.

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar with Extra Guitar Gears

People trust the brand name Yamaha when it comes to music gears. May be a keyboard, a drum set or a guitar both acoustic and electric or any other music gears, it’s a popular name among people who have the passion for music.

Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar is an excellent guitar for starters and even for those who have the passion to play at home on their free time. This guitar comes fully loaded with extra gears that you will need when you play the guitar.

What’s in the Box?

  • acoustic-yamahaThe box contains a strap for swinging and swirling your guitar when the music gets you rocking.
  • A hard case for carrying your guitar, if not, for keeping it safe from dust when not in use is also included in the box
  • A Stand is also enclosed with the guitar so that it is safe from falling and breaking
  • A Tuner is also included in the box for the correct tuning of your guitar whenever it goes flat.
  • There are six extra strings included in the box for spare in case any of those six strings in the guitar breaks
  • A Capo is very useful for starters before they mastered all the keys so that they can use this capo to adjust the frets according to what they have mastered and it is included in the box
  • A string winder in the box is very helpful for a neat appearance of the guitars with the strings properly winded
  • It also contains a pick card for plugging like Bryan Adams
  • A piece of Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is also enclosed for polishing your guitar to make it look like new all through the years
  • A DVD containing instructions is included for quick and easy reference for beginners

What are the Materials Used to Make FG700S Guitar?

The back and the neck material are made of Nato and the fret board material is rosewood while the top material is Sikta Spruce. Yamaha manufacturer uses top materials even for beginners.

Technical details of the guitar

  • Dimension: 45” X 18” X 7”
  • Shipping weight: 18.6 pounds

Concluding Thoughts

Yamaha FG700S is ready to rock right out of the box because all the requirements are included in the box. You don’t need to spend extra dollars for all those gears, which is an essential item for beginners. I did online research for my thirteen years old son and finally found this guy from Amazon. It took me just two days to reach me. As soon as I opened the box, I found all the gears intact and so I fixed it and as I played the guitar, the sound was much better than I expected it to be. It is not only for beginners but even older people who have the passion to play guitar in their free time can also use it without a fuss. My son was very excited to get this guitar as his birthday gift. It is worth spending the money for the kind of sound it delivers. It has good value for money. Overall, I am very pleased with the product for everything it offers for the price.

Why Music has No Boundaries And No Limits

Music moves people’s life, it touches everyone, though differently. Without music, life would be so boring. A day without music is just impossible for those lovers of music.

Music is an outburst of the soul or an expression of one’s feelings and emotions.

There are different types of music; music that appeals to you may not appeal to others. However, music has no limit and no boundary in touching people’s heart.


What makes Music Boundless and Limitless?

There are many reasons and answers to this question. However, the most appropriate answer would be – Music is universal. There are no boundaries that music cannot cross, and there are no limits that music cannot overcome.

Music is like water, it flows to wherever it wants, and it has no boundaries no limits. It can easily touch people’s heart so deeply, on the other hand, it may not touch others like the way it touches you.

Music has no boundaries. You may be born and brought up in one particular region or culture or country, but that cannot stop you from listening or enjoying music produced by someone whom you have never known or seen or heard about.


The lyrics of the song, its language, genre and rhythm of the music may defer from one country or one culture to another culture, however, this will never be able to stop the music from touching and moving people’s lives or someone’s heart.

There are different types of musical instruments available today. Musicians and artists across the world perform their skillful music inorder to entertain and inspire listeners. Instruments may differ depending on the type of music and in the hands of the performer; however, music produced from any instruments will continue to inspire and move people’s heart.

You may not be able to understand or grasps the meaning of the song, but everyone understands music. Therefore, music is limitless of culture, nation, and beyond other limitations.

Music are not confined to one particular group of people, culture or region, it’s universal in nature, though there are some artist, musicians who are rooted from a particular culture region or culture.


The power of music is beyond description. It cannot be expressed in mere words.

It acts as a connecting or uniting force between two countries, between two different religions or cultures or places.

Music entertains, connects and heals people’s hearts. It opens the horizons ofmusic_for_life your mind and gives you an immense pleasure in listening music. Therefore, music knows no boundaries. It has the power to excite, touch and heal broken hearts.

For the musicians, artists, singers and for that matter to every listener, language is not a barrier at all because music itself is language. People from different parts of the world come together, play together and entertain listeners through their music.

Music transcends any boundaries though it may be rooted from a specific region or country. There are musical bands, artists who strongly strive to preserve one’s identity or culture however, that does not limit in entertaining, encouraging, and touching other’s heart through their music.

Finally, music is the universal language that knows no boundaries, and has no limits. It has the power and the ability to touch and heal people’s heart through lyrics, sounds, opera shows, etc.

When we run out of words, music speaks for itself, and plays its part so amazingly and wonderfully.

About the Author:

Sandy Smith is freelance blogger and cooking enthusiast. She own a site CooktopHunter.com that talks about various and latest cooktops available in the market to help choose the best cooktop.

The Incredible Oppo PM-1Headphone(Planar Magnetic Technology)

Oppo_PM1Oppo PM-1 is a headphone with unmatched sound quality for the price it offers at £1099 and yes, it’s worth the price you spend for your listening experience. It’s the result of years of research by passionate acoustic engineers to give you the best sound ever. Every bit of word is crisp and clear without distortions because it uses the “Planar Magnetic Technology” instead of the traditional driver using cones and coils.

Sound Quality

The amazing sound quality of this headphone is primarily due to the introduction of planar magnetic technology rather than traditional dynamic coils and cones. The sound is much more precise and clear compared to other headphones without this technology. You can hear acoustic guitars, the drums, the vocals and other musical instruments distinctly without the least distortion of sound. The state of the art technology used in the headphone enables you to listen to music even at the highest volume without damaging your eardrums. The advantage we have with this headphone is that it is more responsive to frequency input because the diaphragm moves faster with greater accuracy. The other benefit we have with this system is that it is more durable than traditional dynamic cone and coil drivers are. Just put on your headphone, close your eyes and listen to your favorite song and you will feel like you are in a live concert with your rock star.


The natural latex of the highest quality is used in the ear cushions of the headphone. It is far superior and lasts longer than chemically formulated ear cushions. In addition to that, it also resists moisture from sweating and it is capable of retaining the spring-like properties much longer than others retain. The lambskins of the headband and the ear pads have a luxurious appearance. It is so delicate that even if you put on the headphone for the whole day, you won’t be tired of listening to music.


The ergonomic design of the headphone is so comfortable that you won’t feel it on your head once you start listening to music. It is lightweight and beautifully crafted for your comfort in listening to music.

The cons

Think twice before you buy this headphone because there are chances of breaking your bank account. Believe me it’s 1099 British pounds which costs me more than the first car I drove. However, once you owned this headphone, you won’t have the interest to listening music with other headphones because of the huge difference in sound quality. All other headphones will become a mediocre headphone for you.

I thought it is a huge amount to spend £1099 for a headphone but it is worth spending for the quality of sound, the design and the luxurious looks of the headphone with the best quality materials. However, you need to give a second thought because you can spend that amount for ten mediocre headphones.